October 17-19, 2012
Moscow, Expocentre


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«Russian Internet Week» – is a huge multi-stream three-day event comprised of General and Professional programs, Exhibition, and extracurricular activities, presentations, and promotion activities.

The conference encompasses almost all main activities of Russian Web: advertising, social media, web development, project management, information security, statutory regulation, etc. Among the participants are experts and of Runet’s most known gurus, employees of Russian and foreign IT-companies, government officials, representatives of industry-related ministries and institutions, journalists and internet users.

This year program’s main feature is so-called «White Hall / theRunet», which will be hosting exclusive presentations of top level managers & CEO’s for large Russian and foreign IT-companies, lectures from Internet Gurus, talk-shows, panel discussions and other presentations. Learn more about Program - http://2012.russianinternetweek.ru/program/

If you want to join Russian Internet Week with your report or research, please send your applications for presentations to prog@russianinternetweek.ru

The «Internet 2012» Exhibition is formed out of Runet leading companies, RIW partners and industry exhibitors. The last year exhibition assembled over 100 companies and projects, including start-up exhibitors of the «Innovation Alley». Find more info

Together the Conference and Exibition are planned to host over 100 events, presentations and a huge variety of extracurricular events.

Venue: Moscow, Expocenter Fairgrounds (14 Krasnopresnenskaya Naberezhnaya)

The Conference and the Exibition are organized by Russian Association for electronic communications (RAEC). Strategic Partner: Rostelecom; with the support of Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation.

Contact us: +7(495) 950-5651, info@russianinternetweek.ru